The Student Government Association Clinicals branch is pleased to announce its new Executive Board for Summer 2020. Our new Executive Board is managed by the Office of Student Affairs. We will be working diligently to fulfill our role of being a liaison between the Clinical student body and the administration of IAU.

Tuananh Nguyen


Having the opportunity to be the IAU SGA Clinical Secretary & Historian had been a very rewarding experience for me. I was able to work with an incredible group of people to implement programs like the AMSA Institutional Partnership Program, Medical Journal Club, Clinical Science Alumni Workshops, and so much more. I am proud to be elected as the new President of the IAU SGA Clinicals and I hope to continue creating new programs that will help further improve clinical and research opportunities, empowering programs for the IAUCOM student body, and building a closer network between the student body, alumni, and faculty. I firmly believe that by working together we all can achieve our goals of a career in medicine.

Cheryl Chamathil

Vice President

Working as Vice President for SGA has been both rewarding and fulfilling. We have been able to start our first ever Journal Club and the AMSA IPP. We have also had the privilege of hosting virtual social and academic events for students. During my second term as Vice President, I hope that we continue to build on this foundation and serve as advocates for the student body and implement more programs that will enhance our medical careers.

Marnus Van Vuuren


I’ve served one term on the SGA as Treasurer and Event Coordinator. Working with my colleagues I’ve built up valuable experience for working as a team. Going forward I’d like to contribute some more time and efforts in the role of treasurer for the SGA to help it grow further and better serve the student body.

Leshontae Missick


Hello everyone! Having held previous positions in the SGA during my Basic Sciences, I am eager and honored to have the opportunity to serve as your SGA-Clinicals Secretary. My goal is to assist the team in ensuring that your experience during Clinicals is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Dr. Nafisha Ali, MD

Alumni Position

Prior to graduation, I was an active member of SGA-Clinicals for 2 years serving in various positions, including President. As the Alumni Member, I will provide guidance to the new SGA-Clinicals team. I would also like to assist in revitalizing the IAU Alumni community which can play a vital role in supporting and assisting those who are current students at IAU.

Elections are held bi-annually. If you wish to apply for the
Executive committee or Council please contact us

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